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Title:Laws of Media: The New Science
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Marshall McLuhan, Eric McLuhan
Publisher:University of Toronto Press
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Number of Pages:252

Laws of Media: The New Science by Marshall McLuhan, Eric McLuhan

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Laws of Media: The New Science Marshall McLuhan has been described as Canada s most exciting and original thinker a member of the small company of intellectual geniuses this country has produced Works such as em The Gutenberg Galaxy em em The Mechanical Bride em em From Cliche to Archetype em and em Understanding Media em have established his reputation throughout the world and have profoundly influenced our understanding of contemporary communication In his later years McLuhan was working on a unified field theory of human culture an effort in which he collaborated with and was assisted by his son Eric McLuhan This book is the result of that collaboration The McLuhans are retrieving another way of understanding our world a way known to some ancient Greeks but not Aristotle to medieval thinkers to Francis Bacon and Giambattista Vico and to T S Eliot and James Joyce in this century It is based on the use of words and the conseuqent power of the logos to shape all the elements of culture media with which we surround ourselves The authors explain how the invention of the alphabet led to the dominance of visual space conceptualizations over those of acoustic space and its creative words and word plays They consider the differences between the left and right hand sides of our brains and use Gestalt theories of figure and ground to explore the underlying principles that define media Media the word so closely connected with Marshall McLuhan s thought is here explored in its broadest meaning encompassing all that has been created by humans artefacts information ideas every example of human innovation from computer program to a tea cup from musical arrangement to the formula for a cold remedy from an X ray machine to the sentence you re reading right now All these are media to whcih can be applied the laws the McLuhans have developed The laws are based on a set of four questions a tetrad that can be applied to any artefact or idea What does it enhance or intensify What does it render obsolete or displace What does it retrieve that was previoulsy obsolesced What does it produce or become when pressed to an extreme Inherent in every human innovation is an answer to each of the questions of this tetrad anything that does not contain answers to these four questions is not the product of human creation The laws identified by the McLuhans consitute a new scientific basis for media studies testable and able to allow for prediction It takes in all human activities and speech it breaks down barriers and reconsiders them as mere intervals In the McLuhan tradition this New Science offers a while new understanding of human creation and a vision that could reshape our future

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