Steel (Rent-a-Dragon #1)

Steel (Rent-a-Dragon #1) Description:

b A dragon as a handyman Ridiculous b br br At least Liam Steel thinks so Sure he and his crew of newly awakened metal dragons are experts at building things but after being sunk at the bottom of a frozen ocean all they want is to find the mates they were sailing in search of in the first place and Liam isn t sure how that can happen while he s playing in the dirt Until he meets his first client a sweet curvy no nonsense business woman busy taking care of everyone but herself His heart screams mate and he s ready to get his hands on more than her yard br br Kate Hinton doesn t know what to make of the beefcake Rent A Dragon sent over to help with her yard Impossibly tall with soulful teal eyes dark hair and the features of a male model she s pretty sure he should be walking a runway rather than digging trenches in her yard And the way he looks at her Like nothing else matters in the world But the more she gets to know her kind friendly amazingly efficient handyman the more she is realizing he s not from her world br br He lives in a remodeled castle He doesn t know certain modern words And he definitely doesn t understand the rules of modern courtship But somehow Kate is finding herself falling in love with this dragon all the same and finding out there is a whole other world outside her own One full of secrets and danger and maybe even the love of a lifetime br br i b Steel is the first book in the Rent A Dragon series It contains stubborn dragons action packed fights and hot steamy dragon romance Enjoy b i

Rating: 3.46 out of 5

Onyx Dragon (Awakened Dragons, #1)

Onyx Dragon (Awakened Dragons, #1) Description:

b The dragons are back and they re our last chance b div div div br Isaac Morningstar III or Zach to the few who know him has hit rock bottom Once an immortal nearly invincible dragon he s been awakened only to have his powers and his treasure locked away until he can prove himself to be a trustworthy protector of humans Since Zach has never liked humans he s pretty sure he s going to end up back on ice That is until he meets sweet curvy Erin a human hairdresser who might just turn his world upside down div br Erin has a pretty routine life but that ends when a tall gorgeous man appears out of nowhere claiming to be an ancient dragon with immeasurable power who wants her as his mate She doesn t know whether to laugh or run for the hills But when the mysterious stranger saves her life and needs her help she can t just turn away Still the closer she gets to Zach the more she realizes there may just be something truly magical about him div div br But as the forces around them close in Zach is quickly realizing that the darkness lurking inside him may be greater than he anticipated And the beast within may not be the only thing they have need to fear div div br i Warning contains ferocious dragons fearsome fights fiery love scenes and a fiercely cute three legged kitten that will steal your heart The first in a brand new series with dragons unlike anything Terry has written i div div

Rating: 3.50 out of 5

Double Dragons (Dragons of New York, #1)

Double Dragons (Dragons of New York, #1) Description:

b They re hot as fire and if you mess with their mate you re bound to get burned b br br Draven and Ran are dragon shifters the fire breathing enforcers of the shifter world The ones they call when things go wrong Strong sexy and wealthy the only thing the two partners are missing is a mate to share it all with But that s tricky in the dragon world and after years of searching the dragons have basically given up That is until a sexy reckless human librarian lands in their path during a mission br br Melissa knows she would have been in hot water had the two handsome powerful and mysterious men not showed up to save her butt from a group of violent men Still when her rescuers take her back to their New York loft she s confronted by a mystery she never expected Dragons and other shapeshifting creatures exist And these dragons are definitely hotblooded br br But as the sexy dragons show Melissa all the perks of being their mate Melissa is also uncovering the dangerous secrets of the dragon world If she isn t willing to risk everything their chances at a happily ever after might just go up in flames br br i Warning Double Dragons is a standalone novel with no cliffhangers and two sexy stubborn dragons who might just light your fire However it also contains adult level sexiness and some intense action scenes and is meant for mature readers only Enjoy i

Rating: 3.54 out of 5

Titanium (Rent-A-Dragon #3)

Titanium (Rent-A-Dragon #3) Description:

b A dragon contractor Expensive b br br Unless you re the woman Titus Kroll just fell madly in love with As a decisive capable and newly awakened metal dragon Titus is used to seeing what he wants and going after it Right now that s Bree Durell a sweet curvy woman who needs help with her house badly and can t afford to pay Still his heart says she s his mate and no matter the price he s ready to serve her every need whether that s repairing her home healing her heart or restoring her trust br br Bree Durell isn t looking for romance She has enough on her plate with a crazed stalker a clumsy but adorable dog and a house that s falling apart around her and too expensive to repair Though there is instant attraction when she sees Titus in all his tall blue eyed muscular glory at Rent A Dragon she s sure she can t afford his fee So when Titus shows up on her doorstep with an offer she can t refuse she vows she will only keep things professional no matter how wickedly talented he might be with his hands br br As Titus and Bree work in close quarters sharing a home and a few steamy encounters there are big threats circling From an ancient friend turned enemy to rogue dragons obsessed with vengeance Titus is going to have his hands full if he wants to protect his newly built life br br i Titanium is the third book in the Rent A Dragon series It contains stubborn dragons action packed fights and hot steamy dragon romance Enjoy i

Rating: 3.42 out of 5

Iron (Rent-a-Dragon #2)

Iron (Rent-a-Dragon #2) Description:

b A Dragon Mechanic Unheard of b br br Unless you re Magnus Ironside a metal dragon who just awakened in the modern world and happens to be obsessed with cars and their inner workings Add in the fact that his mate just walked in to hire him to work at her auto shop and Magnus is one happy dragon Now he just has to flex his pecs show her his huge axe and everything will work out right Wrong br br Lindy Dunn doesn t have time for a relationship not while she s working herself to the bone trying to make ends meet She doesn t have time to notice the huge muscles or gorgeous jade green eyes of the oddly sexy handyman she just hired No matter that he s seriously good with cars and fun to be around With someone sabotaging her dad s shop it s not the right time to fall into any man s arms even if it s someone as capable as Magnus br br Magnus knows he can win over Lindy as long as he doesn t move too fast with talk of dragons and destiny The heat between them is too blazing to deny But though Magnus thought he d left the past far behind him one big storm is still approaching bringing a dark figure that threatens to destroy everything the iron dragon holds dear

Rating: 3.62 out of 5

Sapphire Dragon (Awakened Dragons, #2)

Sapphire Dragon (Awakened Dragons, #2) Description:

b The second dragon has been awakened b br br Lucien or Luc to those who know him didn t want to be brought back into the world he left behind centuries ago As the sapphire dragon with incredible powers unlike any of the other awakened dragons he is needed to protect humans in the modern world But he tried that once and it almost broke him apart All he wants is to go back into ice until he meets a kind curvy woman who rekindles the spark of hope within him and ignites a passion he has never felt before br br Hallie knows exactly how unfair life can be sometimes but she tries to focus on the positive in life Like her work helping people and animals at an animal shelter Still she never expected a god like tall amazingly gorgeous man to walk into her shelter and say he wants to volunteer and then admit that he just wanted an excuse to get to know her It seems too good to be true other than the fact that Luc seems to be hiding secrets behind his dazzling sapphire eyes br br As Hallie and Luc s curious courtship turns into a heated passionate romance Hallie is seeing more and more signs that her overprotective supernaturally powerful lover might not be what he appears And Luc is trying to decide if he can awaken the good in him enough to deserve the only woman who has made him feel alive But to do that he may have to face monsters from his past including the one inside himself br div div br div div div i Warning contains ferocious dragons fearsome fights fiery love scenes and a sweet hairless cat that will steal your heart The second book in a brand new series with dragons unlike anything Terry has written i div

Rating: 3.59 out of 5

Gold (Date-A-Dragon, #1)

Gold (Date-A-Dragon, #1) Description:

b A dragon as a fake fiance Risky b br br Dante Gildenstern leader of the noble metal dragons used to have it all Wealth privilege women fawning all over his beauty Now newly awakened in the modern world his powers are restrained and he s forced to work at a dating club with the other noble metal dragons in an effort to acquaint them with humanity and hopefully help them find mates The only problem Dante isn t interested in humans That is until Ella Stanton walks in all curves and no nonsense needing his help more than she may even know br br Ella Stanton needs a date and she isn t bothered by all those bad reviews for Date A Dragon They re her last hope for a date to her sister s wedding in her hometown and she isn t about to go alone So gorgeous golden Dante it is despite his initial frostiness and slightly ego maniacal behavior He s unlike any man she has ever met the sexiest the strongest and sometimes he seems to be from another world altogether But the closer she gets to Dante the more she realizes there might be more to this pretty boy beneath the surface br br In spite of Ella s reservations Dante s in it to win her heart from the get go And with a little luck and a lot of romance the overprotective dragon just may win over his sexy mate But even the strongest of dragons can t anticipate the dangers lurking in the mountains of Ella s hometown br br b i Gold is the first book in the Date A Dragon series It contains ridiculously hot dragons steamy romance and strong curvy women Enjoy i b br div b i i b div b b div br div b This series is a spin off of the Rent A Dragon series found here b div div i Steel i div div a target blank href http amazon com dp B Y WLSJJ rel nofollow amazon com dp B Y WLSJJ a div div i Iron i div div a target blank href http amazon com dp B Y DKRJT rel nofollow amazon com dp B Y DKRJT a div div i Titanium i div div a target blank href http amazon com dp B GTM rel nofollow amazon com dp B GTM a div div

Rating: 3.26 out of 5

Big Bad Bear (Soldier Bears, #1)

Big Bad Bear (Soldier Bears, #1) Description:

In the mountains above Bearstone Village a legend has found his mate br br His name is Zeus and for years he brought the thunder as an elite special forces squad leader and undercover bear shifter Now that he s out of the service and living quietly in the woods above a remote mountain town he has just one mission left Win over the heart of the curvy waitress that his bear knows is his mate Too bad Zeus knows more about combat than dating and he hasn t yet managed to ask her out br br Carly is just trying to make the best of things Bad luck in love and in life has landed her in Bearstone Village stuck with debts from a former relationship and making her way as a waitress She enjoys the rare moments when she sees Zeus Wilson a sexy recluse who comes down from the mountain sometimes to drink at the bar and fix Carly with a heated gaze in his sparkling blue eyes Even if it seems like he s never going to make a move br br But when a local motorcycle gang threatens Carly Zeus is forced to intervene and take her back to his cabin where he can keep her safe With the beautiful mountains around them it s not long before sparks are flying between the bear and his sexy mate But Zeus is afraid to tell Carly the truth about what he is and the men who want to take her are quickly catching up br br But he isn t called Zeus for nothing and if anyone threatens his mate this big bad bear is fully capable of striking them down

Rating: 3.46 out of 5

Ruby Dragon (Awakened Dragons, #3)

Ruby Dragon (Awakened Dragons, #3) Description:

The third dragon has been awakened br br Red used to have it all Sexy powerful and attractive to all women as the ruby dragon he had the world at his feet But now he s awakened and collared unable to use his powers and alone in the modern world His only company is his insane adopted cat and Faye the curvy sweet neighbor who makes his dragon sit up and say mate Too bad the only woman he finds irresistible has no trouble resisting him br br Faye doesn t know what to do with Red He s always causing trouble between his cat making noise at all hours or the women constantly chasing him But he isn t like the hot jerks she has met in the past Yes he s sexy with green eyes and a body to die for but he s also kind funny and needs her help He s also willing to protect her from her ex So despite her mistrust of men he might just be slowly winning her over br br Though men have let Faye down Red is sure she just needs the right dragon to help her find her wings again He just has to do it before the evil creatures after them catch up

Rating: 3.67 out of 5

Diamond Dragon (Awakened Dragons, #4)

Diamond Dragon (Awakened Dragons, #4) Description:

b The fourth dragon has been awakened b br br Alistair Brighton the diamond dragon needs to escape Imprisoned chained and used for experiments his only hope for escape is Bridget the quiet human woman who brings him his meals and intrigues him for mysterious reasons But Bridget isn t sure she wants to let a dangerous dragon out of his cage and Alistair can t promise he was ever much of a hero br br Bridget is running out of options While seeking info on a missing friend she fell in among vicious shifters who see humans as slaves or worse Every day brings more danger mainly from the gross alpha wolf who has decided she s his property but also from the beautiful prisoner in the basement who claims to be a dragon and draws her in with pretty promises but pushes her away with the ominous glint in his eyes br br But when Bridget s back is literally to the wall Alistair surprises them both by coming to the rescue Now Bridget s on the run with a dragon and isn t sure what s more dangerous his powers or his steamy insistent kisses And Alistair is realizing that for the right person he might just be a hero after all br br Warning contains ferocious dragons fearsome fights and fiery love scenes The fourth book in a brand new series with dragons unlike anything Terry has written br br Each book in the Awakened Dragon series contains a full romance with a new couple in each book but the books are best read in order as there are appearances by other characters Here are the others in the series br i Onyx Dragon i br a target blank href http amazon com dp B J B K rel nofollow amazon com dp B J B K a br i Sapphire Dragon i br a target blank href http amazon com dp B JOAX FK rel nofollow amazon com dp B JOAX FK a br i Ruby Dragon i br a target blank href http amazon com dp B KBJNIWQ rel nofollow amazon com dp B KBJNIWQ a div i Diamond Dragon i div div a target blank href http amazon com dp B L E U S rel nofollow amazon com dp B L E U S a div div i Amethyst Dragon i div div a target blank href http amazon com dp B M G XTG rel nofollow amazon com dp B M G XTG a div

Rating: 3.37 out of 5