Worth It

Worth It Description:

What s the recipe to the ultimate disaster week br br Three unruly friends br A wedding we shouldn t have been invited to br Two unexpected romances br A scoop of sexy br And a double scoop of chaos br br Lydia is a good girl who is above revenge Good thing she has us No one cheats on our best friend and rides off into the sunset with his new bride br br What was supposed to happen Unleash hell like two badasses It was a simple plan but we failed to anticipate a few things A rogue prosthetic an accidental exorcism and dominatrix strippers willing to take things way too far just to name a few br br What actually happened As usual nothing went as planned especially when two sexy distractions popped into the mix We were there to avenge our friend not to get entangled with two cocky arrogant men who don t like to hear the word no I was sure we could resist br br I mean it was only a week right What could happen in a week br br Not intrigued enough There s totally a duck in this story br br Ah yeah Now we have your undivided attention Enjoy our chaos br br WorthIt

Rating: 3.48 out of 5

Everly (Striking Back, #1)

Everly (Striking Back, #1) Description:

The first time I met Mason Reed we were standing naked in a bank surrounded by guns br br That should have been a warning br br An MMA champion trainer and philanthropist but not a man who gives up easily Mason is trouble dipped in ink and covered in muscle br br Growing up in foster care I m well aware that relationships are temporary and I do my best to avoid them After a sheet clenching one night stand I m happy to move on but Mason pursues me relentlessly Sweet caring protective and at times a bossy control freak this persistent man has climbed inside my heart and I can t seem to shake him br br After saving me from a life threatening situation he s also won something much harder to obtain My trust But does he deserve it Is his true face the one he shows the world Or is his charitable loving manner only a thin veneer br br This book contains sexual situations and is intended for ages and older

Rating: 3.41 out of 5

Mason (Striking Back, #2)

Mason (Striking Back, #2) Description:

From the moment I saw her I wanted her in my bed br br I should ve stopped there br br Everly Hall burst into my complicated life and changed it forever I m a fighter but I had no defense against this beautiful stubborn woman br Now I stand to lose everything I have everything I am My secrets are dangerous and put more lives at stake than my own I intended to tell her in time but my time is up br br Everything rests on Everly

Rating: 3.62 out of 5

Landon (In Safe Hands, #1)

Landon (In Safe Hands, #1) Description:

Zoe br I m not interested I m not interested in his blue green ocean colored eyes his lean muscular body or that crooked smile that can be so infuriating I have more important things to worry about like how to keep myself in college and my sixteen year old brother fed and sheltered We all know life is hard some of us just learn that lesson younger than others but that doesn t mean I ll give up I intend to succeed and make sure my brother has the opportunities he deserves and no privileged jerk is going to distract me br br Landon br I don t date Don t get me wrong I m far from celibate but my condition makes carrying on any kind of normal relationship impossible My life revolves around In Safe Hands or ISH the underground hacker group I work with to track down and take care of predators and sex offenders who beat the system I m satisfied with my life until the day I meet the smart mouthed compassionate determined woman who opens my eyes to possibilities I never thought existed br br This is book one in a series of standalone novels

Rating: 3.52 out of 5

Alex (Striking Back, #4)

Alex (Striking Back, #4) Description:

Ninety two days Thirteen weeks That s how long it s been since I lost my love my best friend It s been everything I can do to drag myself out of bed and get back to work but I know Cooper would want me to move on I think he d even be happy if he knew who I want to move on with The target of my affection though may not be so thrilled about my choice br He s straight Or he thinks he is br A womanizer of the worst kind with a face and body that keeps a steady stream of willing women at his door he seems happy to work his way through the entire female population But there s no mistaking the way he looks at me when he thinks I m not paying attention br One way or another I ll show him what he really wants br br This is book four of The Striking Back Series but can also be read as a standalone novel br br Intended for years and older Contains sexual content including sex between two men

Rating: 3.45 out of 5

Parker (Striking Back, #3)

Parker (Striking Back, #3) Description:

Hit it and quit it br One and done br Hump and dump br br That has been my philosophy on relationships for the last seven years Don t get me wrong I m not a bad guy I m always upfront and truthful with the women I date I don t promise them anything but a good time br I could ve gone on happily sleeping my way through the major metropolitan area if it wasn t for her The dark haired beauty who haunts my days and keeps me awake at night Strong and sweet she makes me reconsider everything I believe about love br br Too bad she s completely off limits br br I ve never been good at following the rules br br Contains sexual scenes and violence Intended for ages and up

Rating: 3.67 out of 5

Dare (In Safe Hands, #2)

Dare (In Safe Hands, #2) Description:

Ayda br br I hear him br His deep voice and rumbling laugh The bang of the headboard slamming the wall and fake screams from yet another woman Derek is a pile of muscle and ink a bad boy fantasy only a few layers of wood and plaster away It s all I expect or want him to be br Until that irresistible voice begins talking to me br br Dare br br I hear her br The clicking of her fingers on a keyboard her music or TV playing in the background Her musical laugh and soft cries of pleasure accompanied by a low steady buzz Ayda is a good girl who keeps to herself and I have no business pursuing her but I m not a man known for doing the right thing br I m an ex con I m a criminal br And I want her br br This is book two in the In Safe Hands Series and can be read as a standalone br Please disregard page number count during pre order period This will be a full length word novel br

Rating: 3.40 out of 5

Justus (In Safe Hands, #3)

Justus (In Safe Hands, #3) Description:

i b Justus b i br br I m not conceited br Really I m not It just so happens I have a body a Greek God would be jealous of and a face that could make an angel weep Other than that I m just your everyday normal guy who happens to take his clothes off for money Sure I ve had to dispose of a few guys for In Safe Hands the organization I work with that helps track predators and child molesters but other than that completely normal br Women flock to me screaming and paying for the right to touch me so why is this woman so stubborn Sadie Belmont s curvy body and sharp tongue have haunted me since I met her a year ago There s something about her that gets stuck in my head like a bad song and I m determined to find out why I want her so badly and why she can t stomach the thought br br i b Sadie b i br br I can t believe I m doing this Of all the men in the world I m taking Justus Alexander to my childhood home in Oklahoma to meet my mother A stripper who has a revolving door of women jumping in and out of his bed Nine months ago when I lied to my mother and told her I had a steady boyfriend I didn t expect it to come to this She doesn t have long to live and her only wish is to know I have a husband before she goes br I can t disappoint her and male escorts cost way more than I can afford so when Justus volunteered I took him up on his offer I know what he wants After annoying me with constant pick up lines for a year he sees an opportunity to get me in bed It s not going to happen I just need to get through this week with my sanity intact br

Rating: 3.74 out of 5

Tucker (In Safe Hands Book 4)

Tucker (In Safe Hands Book 4) Description:

No description available

Rating: 3.59 out of 5

Falling Together (All That Remains #2)

Falling Together (All That Remains #2) Description:

In the aftermath of a global nightmare Abby Holder is living her dream Married to the love of her life Airen and surrounded by friends and family it seems she s found her happily ever after br But the struggle of living in a post plague world is never ending When circumstances take Airen far away she s faced with the devastating realization he may be lost to her forever Broken hearted she turns to Joseph her best friend and the only one who understands her pain After all he loves Airen too br The sound of a car horn in the middle of the night changes everything leaving Abby caught between the two most important men in her life After surviving the worst the world could throw at them Airen Abby and Joseph must face the most brutal human experience true love Can they overcome the betrayal the hurt feelings and jealousy to do what s right for the ones they love br Their circumstances are far from ordinary Perhaps the answer is extraordinary as well br br This book includes sexual scenes including scenes between two men It is intended for ages and older

Rating: 3.46 out of 5