Rules of Murder (Drew Farthering Mystery #1)

Rules of Murder (Drew Farthering Mystery #1) Description:

Drew Farthering loves a good mystery although he generally expects to find it in the pages of a novel not on the grounds of his country estate When a weekend party at Farthering Place is ruined by murder and the police seem flummoxed Drew decides to look into the crime himself With the help of his best friend Nick Dennison an avid mystery reader and Madeline Parker a beautiful and whip smart American debutante staying as a guest the three try to solve the mystery as a lark using the methods from their favorite novels br br Soon financial irregularities at Drew s stepfather s company come to light and it s clear that all who remain at Farthering Place could be in danger Trying hard to remain one step ahead of the killer and trying harder to impress Madeline Drew must decide how far to take this game

Rating: 3.73 out of 5

Death by the Book (Drew Farthering Mystery #2)

Death by the Book (Drew Farthering Mystery #2) Description:

Drew Farthering wanted nothing more than to end the summer of with the announcement of his engagement Instead he finds himself caught up in another mysterious case when the family solicitor is found murdered an antique hatpin with a cryptic message Advice to Jack piercing his chest br br Evidence of secret meetings and a young girl s tearful confession point to the victim s double life but what does the solicitor s murder have to do with the murder of a physician on the local golf course Nothing it would seem except for another puzzling note affixed with a similar looking bloodied hatpin br br Soon the police make an arrest in connection with the murders but Drew isn t at all certain they have the right suspect in custody And why does his investigation seem to be drawing him closer and closer to home

Rating: 3.42 out of 5

Murder at the Mikado (Drew Farthering Mystery, #3)

Murder at the Mikado (Drew Farthering Mystery, #3) Description:

Just as Drew Farthering thinks his life has found smooth waters Fleur Landis an old flame reappears in his life She s married now no longer an actress and he expects she ll soon disappear until she comes to him in dire need The lead actor in her old troupe s production of The Mikado has been murdered and Fleur is the police s number one suspect br br Drew would love nothing more than to just focus on his fiance Madeline and their upcoming wedding but he can t leave Fleur in the lurch even if she did break his heart once As Drew Nick and Madeline dive into the murder they discover more going on behind the scenes of the theater troupe than could ever have been imagined Nearly everyone had a motive and alibis are few and far between It s Drew s most complicated case yet

Rating: 3.57 out of 5

Murder on the Moor (Drew Farthering Mystery #5)

Murder on the Moor (Drew Farthering Mystery #5) Description:

b Mystery Awaits on the Mysterious Yorkshire Moors b br br At the urgent request of an old school friend Drew and Madeline Farthering come to Bloodworth Park Lodge in the midst of the Yorkshire moors a place as moody and mysterious as a BrontE hero There have been several worrisome incidents out on the moor property destroyed fires started sheep and cattle scattered and worst of all the vicar has been found dead on the steps of the church br br Drew s friend is obviously smitten with his bride of eight months though it s hard to imagine what she sees in the awkward man Drew can t help wondering if her affections lie more with the man s money and estate while her romantic interests focus on their fiery Welsh gamekeeper As the danger grows ever closer it s up to Drew to look past his own prejudices determine what is really going on and find the killer before it s too late

Rating: 3.26 out of 5

Dressed for Death (Drew Farthering Mystery #4)

Dressed for Death (Drew Farthering Mystery #4) Description:

b This Traditional British Cozy Mystery br Gets a Regency Twist b br br Drew and Madeline Farthering celebrate their six month anniversary by attending a fancy Regency era costume party Drew is glad to see Talbot Cummins an Oxford classmate and his fianc e Alice Henley though many present seem worried about the couple Everyone s concerns are realized when at the concluding grand ball Alice dies of an overdose of cocaine Tal refuses to believe she took the stuff intentionally and Drew is determined to find out if her death was an accident or murder br br Drew is shocked and disillusioned when the police arrest Tal s father and reveal that the man has been smuggling drugs into the country for the past twenty years Reeling from the death of his fianc e and the revelation about his father Tal begs Drew to find out what s going on Drew now questioning his own ability to see people as they really are does so reluctantly not ready for the secrets he s about to uncover or the danger he ll bring down on everyone he holds dear

Rating: 3.46 out of 5

Death at Thorburn Hall (Drew Farthering Mystery #6)

Death at Thorburn Hall (Drew Farthering Mystery #6) Description:

Drew Farthering finds a new mystery on his hands when he arrives at Thorburn Hall in Scotland for the British Open His host Lord Rainsby asks Drew to investigate a suspected embezzler then dies in a suspicious accident the next day However the house is full of guests with potential motives Can Drew discover the killer among them

Rating: 3.36 out of 5